Flu Remedies and Prophylaxis

My daughter and I experienced an upper respiratory flu this year already! My clients are asking for help—flu season has officially begun! It’s time to gear up your immune system support with healthy foods, herb teas, supplements, decent sleep, and lessening stress as much as possible!
My colleague Marci Mearns and I are offering our flu prophylaxis program again this year, here’s the signup info for new participants. If you've done the program already, you can sign up directly through this link. 
if you want to stock up on homeopathic flu remedies to have on-hand, here are the main ones:

Eupatorium perfoliatum
Rhus toxicodendron
Arsenicum album
Nux vomica
Rumex crispus

And if you'd like, rather than buying individual remedies, I also have Acute Care kits for sale— a selection of 36 remedies at a discounted price


When you have an acute care consultation with me, it's so convenient to already have these remedies, rather than going out to buy them when you or your child is sick.