Why Are We So Afraid of the Measles?

Once again, I feel so fortunate that I’m old enough to have gotten the measles (and German measles, and chicken pox) as a young child. My two sisters and I had it all around the same time and I’m sure it was hard on my mom, but it was just an expected part of childhood back in the early ‘60’s. We were all fine afterward, including my youngest sister, who couldn’t have been more than a year or so old at the time. I remember the rash all over my body, the itchiness of it, and just lying around feeling ill in my darkened bedroom for a few days. Then we started to get restless and bored, but weren’t quite able to go back to school. That was the hardest part for my mom, I’m sure! Anyway, none of us will ever get it again—lifetime immunity is one advantage of having a childhood illness. If you’d like to read an article published in The Foreign Policy Journal about the history of the measles and vaccines, click here.
I’m dismayed by the overzealous behavior of politicians and health workers who declare states of emergency and even friends who go on FaceBook rampages about unvaccinated people spreading killer diseases. I’m sorry, but even though measles is a serious disease, it's one that can be dealt with in the home.

Unless you aren’t given the facts about nutrition, like eating decent amounts of animal sourced Vitamin A and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for Vitamin C in your regular diet, letting your child be outside for at least a few minutes without sunscreen daily for their dose of Vitamin D, only giving them sugar on special occasions once in awhile, and maybe even taking cod liver oil as a supplement for Vitamins A and D. Oh! I forgot, mainstream America isn’t told these things anymore! Instead, the government mandates we give our children vaccine after vaccine in multiple doses, our “nutrition” is coming more and more from fast foods, we’re being told to stay out of the sun, we’re being exposed to more and more chemicals—including cancer-causing glyphosates—and then being told that the ever increasing percentages of children with auto-immune diseases has nothing to do with this.
Having just read Thomas Cowan M.D.’s new book, Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness, I feel especially and righteously angry. He asks the question I’ve been asking: “What are we doing to our children’s immune systems in the long-term?” His answer to this question is complex and frightening, but luckily, he has a lot of experience treating people with autoimmune diseases. He includes some tried and true methods that have helped many of his patients, including gut-healing diets and specific medication protocols.

Here are my suggestions for people who are concerned about the measles and aren't fully vaccinated:

  • Take cod liver oil or Vitamin A and D supplements

  • Take Vitamin C supplements and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Cut out sugar

  • Seek constitutional homeopathic, osteopathic, or acupuncture care to be as healthy as you can be

If you or your child does get measles, supplement even more with the above vitamins and call a homeopath for acute care. NEVER give aspirin if you suspect the measles. There are many remedies that help with the symptoms and shorten the course of the illness. Follow the guidelines of the generations of parents who have dealt with the measles: keep your child quiet in a cool  darkened room; increase fluid intake; cool wash cloths for the fever and homeopathic fever reducers are helpful. And know your child will be healthier in the long run!
As you may know, I have some powerful therapies in my practice that can help families cope with our brave new world:

  • Homeoprophylaxis to educate the immune system gently and deeply to handle the illnesses that we evolved with—and should still be getting to strengthen our bodies in the long term

  • CEASE therapy to detox clients when they have had a bad reaction to a vaccine or medication

  • Nutrition information to help my clients understand about the nutrient dense foods our bodies need to stay healthy

  • And of course, my thirty years of experience using homeopathy to strengthen the immune system and fortify our bodies so that we can be as healthy and happy as possible