Gelsemium, an Amazing Acute Care Remedy


Gelsemium sempervirens, commonly called false jasmine, is an evergreen twining vine that is native from Virginia to Florida west to Texas and Central America. It is typically found in open woods, thickets and along roads. Bright, fragrant, funnel-shaped, yellow flowers (to 1.5” long) appear either solitary or in clusters in late winter to early spring.

As a homeopathic remedy, it is especially useful for acute illnesses that begin slowly and gradually with a headache, backache, chills, and a dull and drowsy feeling. The person can feel so tired that they can’t keep their eyes open and may be so sore that it’s as if they’ve been hit be a truck. There may be a chills or a fever without thirst. They just want to be left alone to sleep.
This remedy can be given for many illnesses, if the above symptoms stand out. It was one of the most helpful remedies used by homeopaths successfully during the 1918 flu. (Homeopaths had much lower percentages of patients dying from the disease than did regular doctors with that epidemic.) It is also helpful for measles, chicken pox, bad colds, tension headaches, and even mononucleosis.

This is one of many remedies that are great to have on hand in case of an illness. It is included in all acute care remedy kits, which I also highly recommend to have in your home along with your first aid kit.