Why Choose Homeopathy?

Many of us in the Bay Area are fortunate to have multiple choices for our health care needs. Including whether to seek help from conventional medical practitioners, or alternative / complementary practitioners. Most of my clients seek help from both at various times. Many of my clients have tried a few forms of health care and may use a combination of healing techniques. Below is a list of what makes homeopathy unique as a form of healing and specifically what the benefits of choosing homeopathy are: 

  • Homeopathy gets to the heart of what ails you, rather than suppressing symptoms or causing side effects

  • Homeopaths have developed remedies from over 5000 substances, we look for one of those that matches your unique symptoms in a similar way 

  • Homeopathy helps you to heal deeply—traumas or emotional issues that might be holding you back fade away

  • Homeopathy can be effective for many diseases that regular medicine finds difficult to cure

  • A curative homeopathic remedy often works in subtle ways, yet shifts can be profound

  • Homeopathic remedies are easy to take and can be tailored to your sensitivities

  • Kids enjoy the sweet flavor of remedies so it’s easy to give them

  • Your unique symptoms and individuality are what homeopaths take into account in order to find a homeopathic remedy for you, rather than a more general diagnosis

  • Homeopathy gives you the power to find peace of mind in the face of the toxicity and stress of the world

  • Homeopathy restores health and lessens limitations

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