Suddenly it's Summer: Be Careful Out There!

Having just come out of a pretty extreme heatwave in the Bay Area, I've been thinking about ways to avoid the symptoms of too much heat or sun. We know to stay hydrated, right? We also know that we should only be exposed to direct sunlight for short periods, preferably with a hat on, and that it's not healthy to exercise too vigorously or for too long in high heat, or fall asleep in the sun. But sometimes, we are so happy to be on the beach, or lying on a comfortable seat, or running in the waves at the beach—sometimes, we forget all these things.
Too much sun—especially on a hot day—is no joke! If heatstroke comes on from too much exposure to the sun, the first thing to do is to get out of the sun and cool down—quickly! You or someone with you may feel faint. Or they may actually faint, feel confused, and have a terrible headache. Sunstroke is a medical emergency, so if this happens, call 911 or take them to the nearest ER. While you wait for the ambulance or while you're driving to the hospital, cool them down as much as you can. Try to get them into a pool or bathtub, apply ice packs, spray or sponge their skin with cool water, and continuously fan them. If you have homeopathic remedies on hand, Belladonna or Glonoinum 30c or 200c can lessen the symptoms while they're on their way to the hospital. After they recover from heatstroke, they should avoid hot temperatures for some time.

And have them drink lots of water and other hydrating liquids! 

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