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Initial Visit

When you meet with me for the first time, we sit down in my comfortable, quiet office for about two hours and you tell me about yourself - what health issues you may be dealing with: what health issues you may be dealing with, when they started, and how they impact your life. I’ll ask you to describe yourself in perhaps a more thorough and detailed way than you have ever done before. In order to choose the correct homeopathic remedy for you, I need to find out about you as a unique person. When I see young children and infants, I ask the parents to give me a detailed family health history and the child's health history as far back as the mother's conception and pregnancy.

Remedy Choice

There are thousands of possible homeopathic remedies. When I meet with you, I will look for the one remedy that will best help your body do what it needs to do to heal itself. Sometimes I am able to choose the remedy I'd like to give you or your child by the end of the visit. In other cases, , or I may need additional time (no more than two working days) to analyze your case and choose the best remedy to heal you. 

I stock a large selection of homeopathic remedies in my office. Occasionally we'll need to order a less common remedy from a local homeopathic pharmacy, Hahnemann Labs; they will ship to you within a few days of your visit.

Follow Up Visits

Homeopathy is a subtle and powerful healer. It can take a number of weeks to notice significant progress.

We will schedule a one-hour follow-up assessment for four to six weeks after you begin taking your remedy. At this appointment, I’ll use small changes in your energy and well-being to chart the best course forward. Depending on your progress, I may continue your current remedy or give you a different remedy.

You may start to have major shifts in your health with your first remedy, or you may need more time and additional remedies to feel a significant change. There are many reasons for this: you might have a deep illness that has been suppressed for many years, or an inherited condition that takes more time to cure. In some cases, if you are taking strong medications. that may interfere with natural medicine. 

Each person is unique, so it’s hard to predict your path to healing. Once you make the commitment to your full health, homeopathy can lead the way.


I return calls or emails within one to two business days.  I do not work on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

To schedule my time for your homeopathic care, please make an appointment.

Video, phone or in-person appointments are available.

If I have agreed to consult with you by email about your care, applicable fees will apply to the time I spend in doing so.  However, I can not respond immediately to emails.  The best way to ensure a timely consultation with me is to make an appointment.