Eating Well


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Learning Healthy Habits

When you add a diet of nutritious foods to the deep healing of homeopathy, you will discover the benefits of increased energy, a healthier immune system, and a stronger and more active body and mind.

I have found that a diet of nutrient-dense foods gives a significant boost to my clients’ healing processes. As your homeopath and health care consultant, I will guide you to the foods that can help you and your family be as healthy as possible.

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What is Good Nutrition?

It makes sense to me that hHumans have lived long and healthy lives for millennia by eating and preparing a variety of nutritious foods. Only in the last 50 years or so, have we seen much higher incidences of cancer, thyroid disease, diabetes, genetic issues, autism spectrum disorders, immune system issues, heart disease, etcand other “Western” illnesses. I see a correlation between that time and the length of time we’ve beenthis rise in disease and our transition away from eating less freshly cooked foods, animal organs and fats, and , less fermented foods and towards consuming large quantities of , more sugar and corn sweetener, and have lowered our intake of animal organs and fats.

Homeopathy is deep medicine for curing illness and promoting health. Without good nutrition, however, it’s hard to achieve your optimum state of wellness. Even the most powerful remedy can’t counteract donuts and French fries.

Diet changes can feel difficult, but you will feel so much better you won’t be tempted to go back to your old way of eating. I am here to support you through the transition.

In addition, there are lots of great resources for healthy eating. My favorite, go-to nutrition resource is Sally Fallon and her book, Nourishing Traditions. She has gathered recipes from successful diets from all over the world and emphasizes the wisdom of our ancestors’ food preparation, making it available to us in our modern kitchens.

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Avoiding Empty Calories

Without realizing it, you may be feeding yourself and your children empty calories all day long. From breakfast cereal with pasteurized, low fat milk, to white bread sandwiches and deep-fried potatoes for lunch, to pasta or pizza for dinner, the foods that are easily accessible to us often don’t provide the minerals and vitamins and good gut bacteria we need.

I can help you find tasty, nutritious foods that will satisfy everyone in your family and leave them feeling great.