I am certified in homeoprophylaxis, which is an amazingly effective and gentle alternative to vaccination for childhood illnesses. I offer consultations and a protocol to families who are looking for a natural way to train their children’s’ immune systems and become healthier in the long run. The homeopathic “vaccines” stimulate the immune system and promote normal childhood development. 

Homeoprophylaxis is not recognized as a legal alternative to vaccination, but has much to offer families who are seeking a safe, non-toxic method of disease prevention. Along with helping prevent infectious contagious disease, homeoprophylaxis helps strengthen a child’s developing immune system, ultimately serving to reduce the occurrence of chronic conditions.

I have seen homeoprophylaxis work for my patients again and again. I’m happy to talk to you about how to stay healthy and strong without vaccines.

If you would like more information about homeoprophylaxis and vaccines, click here for additional resources.

The Free and Healthy Children International website also has background on this homeopathic alternative to vaccines.