Edi is amazing!

I had severe lactose intolerance and digestive issues that greatly impacted my life.  She was able to prescribe a homeopathic remedy after just one session that helped my digestive issues!

Edi is incredible to work with and i would definitely recommend her to anyone, especially those with issues that cannot be treated by typical medicine!                                                                                                                                                                         - Cora H., San Francisco



I am feeling better than I have ever felt in my life!....

A few months ago, I contracted Labyrinthitis while on a trip abroad - an inner ear infection that causes vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus and a confused mind. Unfortunately western medicine has no cure for this condition. I read horror stories of people battling it for years without success, especially the vertigo. So with a lot of skepticism, I made an appointment with Edi. By the second month after my treatment started, I was 75% better. And currently, six months later, I am 98% recovered and well on my path to full recovery. Not just recovered, I am feeling better than I have ever felt in my life! Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually I am on a higher plane than before. I highly recommend Edi - not only is she great with homeopathy but a very good listener and a calming presence. Her sessions feel like therapy which is an added bonus!

- Archi K., San Ramon, CA

With Edi as our guide we have healthier and therefore happier kids...

We took our 3yo and 5mo to Edi several months ago for a few different health reasons and she was incredible. Our 3yo daughter had recurring and pretty severe allergy attacks (i.e., watery/itchy eyes and runny nose) from exposure to environmental causes (i.e., pollen and pet dander) which would last for over a week at a time. We were not interested in giving our daughter OTC or prescription allergy medication for a variety of reasons, but after about a year of the allergy attacks we started to look for the alternatives to these types of drugs.  We decided to learn more about homeopathy, which we were drawn to mostly because of the lack of side effects and lack of undesirable ingredients as opposed to those in mainstream allergy meds. We found Edi and made an appointment.  After the initial intake session during which Edi got to know our daughter through a series of in depth questions related to mind and body, Edi recommended a constitutional remedy that we started right away. It's now been ~4 months and we could not be happier with the success! Now when there is an allergy attack the symptoms are less severe and the duration has been dramatically decreased!  Also, if we are able to get her the remedy at the very onset of the allergy attack (specifically the very first triple sneeze) we now know how to stop the attack in its tracks. Better yet, we've found we can use the same remedy for other illnesses as a way to lessen severity and duration (i.e. colds, flu, stomach bugs).
We also consulted Edi for a sty our 5mo son had in his eyelid which would not go away after 6 weeks of conventional treatment as recommended by his pediatrician (i.e., hot compress). Edi asked questions about his temperament, body type, eating/sleep patterns, etc. and was able to identify a constitutional remedy for him that within 2 days of use eradicated the sty.  It really was incredible to see these tiny pills work to eliminate his sty after weeks of struggling to put a hot compress on a squirmy baby's eyelid!! The same constitutional remedy has also helped ease his pain with teething!
We've found Edi to be friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. Since she now knows our kids well, we can email or call when any health issues arise to get her expertise on what remedy to use and how to use it with most effect. Just last week both kids shared a bad cold/cough. We emailed Edi, had a short phone call, and were recommended a particular remedy. After starting the remedy, both kids were clearly on the mend within 12 hours and almost completely better in 24-36 hours, while other kids with the same cold/cough had it for a week or more!
We were new to homeopathy, my husband was particularly suspicious of it, but after seeing the results we're more than convinced of the impact homeopathy can have on someone's health. With Edi as our guide we have healthier and therefore happier kids. We highly recommend Edi and are thankful to have found her here in Berkeley!

- Stacey C., Berkeley, CA



It’s a miracle!

For years, my first waking thought was, “Will I have a migraine today?” Now my first thought is, “I wonder what the weather is like today.”

Thanks to Edi Pfeiffer and homeopathy, I am able to have a joyous life! 

– Vicki, Richmond, CA