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Women's Wellness

Homeopathy and nutrition can give a huge boost to women’s health in all stages of life.

Starting with adolescence and menstruation, through pregnancy, miscarriage, breastfeeding, perimenopause and menopause, we are always being affected by our hormones in one way or another. Homeopathy helps to balance and stabilize the hormonal systems in our body so that we can experience our optimal health. Over the years, I have seen homeopathy help many women heal health issues and symptoms related to hormonal imbalance, safely and naturally.

The foods we eat also have a direct effect on the way our bodies and brains work. I've experienced this myself, first when I first shifted away from processed foods, wheat, and pasteurized dairy and into more fermented foods, raw dairy, and good fats.

I had so much more energy, clarity and digestive health. ‘

Then, a few years ago, I shifted into a diet specifically tailored for me through metabolic balance. Many of the foods on this diet  are the same nutrient- dense, healthy foods that I was already eating, but in specific amounts and at specific times. 

Since I started metabolic balance, I've lost 35 pounds and have maintained that weight loss without deprivation. In addition, I have painless joint mobility because I have less inflammation, and even have more energy to exercise! I believe this diet is the answer to many of the hormonal problems that women experience as we enter menopause and beyond.

I  am so convinced that this way of eating holds the key to improved health that I have become a metabolic balance coach. I would love to tell you more about it! Click here for a brief introduction to metabolic balance